Saturday, October 8, 2011

A little bit of rain

Those are indeed, dark rain clouds above the house this afternoon... with thunder and everything! We received sprinkles on and off throughout the day. I think the wildlife is enjoying the change in weather. Plenty of birds out and about, enjoying the backyard feeders...

and this cute little guy sheltered under an oak tree, taking a quick break from bathing himself to wonder what I was up to.

 Yes, that is a puddle. I know, doesn't seem like much. But late this afternoon, we got a quick downpour. Enough to actually create... a puddle! It's location is right at the bottom of the deck steps. Before the drought and water restrictions, there actually used to be lawn there.

Someone else is excited about the rain too!

It's nature's simple pleasures that can be so rewarding!

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  1. I stood in the rain too! It was such an odd sound to my ears; how we'd grown accustomed to NOT hearing it. Now I'm greedy and want more. I know I'm commenting on the wrong post, but I love your foster rose story. I've been wondering about gardeners in Round Rock and Georgetown; so sad. Once a week is bad enough, but no water at all? In this dry soil? I'm glad you could rescue some gorgeous heirlooms.