Friday, October 7, 2011

Scratching The Itch

Itchy, Itchy!
The last few days have brought beautiful weather to us here in Central Texas... cool mornings and warm afternoons. Having endured months of 100 plus temps, the break in the heat is SO welcome. With the tease of cooler weather ahead, I've spent the last few days playing outside: cleaning, planning and planting.  
Scratch, Scratch! 

Itchy, Itchy! 
And with most of today's work completed, I'm scratching the itch to start a blog. My goal is to create a diary of garden activity, trips, thoughts and family wanderings. So here goes!
mmmmm... A little to the left! 

My poor veggie patch really suffered from the heat this summer, and everything (with the exception of one lone yellow pepper plant) got pulled out weeks ago. Look at the state of this poor tomato plant. The fruit are only grape sized, and they were supposed to be a large heirloom variety.   

I am so very grateful for the plants that managed to pull through! This butterfly weed was a wild volunteer... you are welcome in my garden! 

 This red salvia self-seeded in my garden in spring and is enjoying it's second flush of bloom now that things are cooling down! 

 Another welcome self-seeder... Blue Mist Flower. The butterflies LOVE this! 

Hyacinth Bean Vine ... this was started from seed (or should I say, bean) in the spring. It too, waited until now to flower. So pretty! 

Veggie patch with new plantings and sun shade. Yes, I still need to trim the shade cloth a tad, but it is sure shielding these tender young ones from the blast of early October TX sun! 
Planted are varieties of : cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, lettuce and some dill, basil and cilantro for good measure.
I left the bed on the far right empty and waiting for ...? Time to take a trip to my seed box and make a selection! 


My two beautiful helpers today were Ginger and Shadow.

Ginger will never let a moment go by without handing you a tennis ball just when you need one.

Shadow is always willing to get her paws dirty and help in the garden.

Good work today, pups! Time to roll over and get your tummy scratched!

Aaaaa... yep, that's the spot!

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