Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm a Foster-Mom!

On October 5th, Williamson County, Texas, enacted emergency water restrictions due to a mechanical failure of a pump that brings water from the Brazos River to Lake Georgetown, which is currently at historic low levels. Effective immediately, ALL outdoor irrigation of vegetation, including from a hand-held hose, is prohibited. 

On October 7th, a plea for help (via a home school chat site) went out from a rose hobbyist in Round Rock. His passion is roses, and he loves to cultivate old roses. Unfortunately, being a Round Rock resident, he could no longer water them! 

So, this afternoon, I became a Rose Foster Mom! 

Foster Roses arrive at their temporary home.

Foster Roses grouped on the back patio.
 In the photo above, you can see the many roses that I am fostering and will take care of until their "dad" can claim them again. From what I've read, the intake pump should be fixed in about two weeks, so I think I can keep them alive until then. There were many, many more that he did not want to part with, and so will use water collected from his bathroom and kitchen sinks and shower.

 At the far back of the photo are about 6 roses that he has given to me as a thank you.

Foster rose.

Welcoming the roses to the backyard this afternoon:  

this fantastic bright purple salvia. If you can call a bright pink "hot", then this must be "hot purple",

and this spicy red salvia.

OK, everyone play nicely together... we won't be together for long. 
Let's enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. Those foster children seem to be behaving very well, as they should. Welcome to our blogging group.

  2. I think it's wonderful that you're fostering roses for a gardener in need. I feel for our fellow gardeners in Round Rock who can't water their gardens right now.

    Welcome to the blogosphere too! I look forward to reading more about your gardening adventures.