Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lilies are blooming!

I am so excited today... two buds from the Colorado water lily have opened up and have brightened my stock tank pond. LOVE THEM! Aren't they gorgeous?

The rest of my garden is really starting to flower now, too! Spring is such a wonderful time of the year for gardening. I've added quite a few new plants to this side of the yard. Going to the nursery in March and April I act like a kid in a candy store. So much to look at, not nearly enough space.

My lawn guys ripped out the last of the lawn on this side of the yard, so I was able to plant it up yesterday. I've added some shrubs (Photinia) and a few more roses, more salvias (LOVE those, such wonderful variety and heat loving!) and still need to plant a crepe myrtle. I never have a grand plan of what I want to plant where... I just buy why looks pretty and stick it in the ground. It's kinda a riot of color in late spring, not exactly soothing to the senses. But I love the variety and somehow, nature figures out how to make it all work visually.

My white iceberg roses planted two years ago are looking so healthy and loaded with buds. I moved them this winter and I'm SO happy that they not only weathered the move but are thriving in their new location along the fence line. I'll be posting more photos in a few days when they are blooming!

If you need me... you know where to find me! I'll be sitting in the purple chair enjoying a cold glass of lemonade!


  1. Your pond and all the plants around it are just stunning!

  2. I haven't grown Colorado in a while. Trying out Wanvisa and Hawaiian Gold this year. The Florida heat tends to quickly melt the blooms of hardy water lilies. Tropical day-bloomers do very well though.