Monday, April 2, 2012

I SPY . . .

I went out on my back deck to sip my coffee this morning, and what should I spy with my little eye? Something that starts with an L.

Or is it WL?

Alright, anyway...  it's another water lily! But this is my first bloom from my Moon Dance water lily. It's the very pretty white flower in the foreground.
In the background you can see a fresh new Colorado bloom.

I just fertilized the plants yesterday, and noticed many buds growing from these two plants. Nothing yet from my third... can't remember the name of that one, and the water is a tad murky with algae bloom right now for me to peek at the label. Will have to let you know on that one.

I've been taking so many pictures of the garden lately, I forgot to charge my battery. I just managed to squeeze this one off before the camera died.
I will try to take more tomorrow, and wait for better light.

But ain't she per-tee?


  1. Hi Melissa, I see that you are a dog person too. Your water lilies are really pretty. It is nice to know that you can have water lilies even in a small pond.

    1. Yes, Jennifer... we are doggie people. It hinders me somewhat when planning where to plant things. We have a public walking path at the far side of the field behind us, so of course they run back and forth barking at the "intruders". Therefore, NOTHING will survive there. I also thought they would swim in the pond, but so far, they have been very respectful.
      The water lilies are doing so well in that pond I have to keep my eye on it. I'm afraid they'll cover every inch of surface space... so I've been dead-heading and thinning pads daily. It has surprised me, too!