Thursday, October 20, 2011

Late afternoon light

Yesterday, as the sun was about an hour from setting, the prettiest light fell across the back yard. I took a few photos, but will try again for more golden light. Wander the garden, sip some wine, take a few pics... sounds like a fine afternoon!

Potager in the late afternoon light.

Two jays come in for their evening meal.

I got four of my new roses planted yesterday (hooray) and am still fostering some heritage roses for a rose enthusiast in Round Rock who is under tight outdoor water restrictions. It's been about two weeks since I brought them home. They're still doing just fine... I think they are loving the cooler daytime temps and warm sunshine! I think the one pictured below is my favorite, although it is merely labeled with a number, so I have no idea what it's name is.

The bloom on this sweet little rose is only 1 1/2" across.


  1. Love the sundial photo and your potager( such a nice term) It is nice to see long shots of the garden. Always a favorite.

  2. Thank you! My potager was originally intended to be a pure kitchen garden with flowers, but those pesky rabbits made me amend my plan. I, too, love the term and am continuing to call it that!