Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Butterflies Flutter By

What a gorgeous day  for communing with the butterflies! Wow, they are really out in force today. I find it difficult to go inside the house as they are fluttering all around my back garden! It helps that the green belt behind our house is blooming with hundreds of gaillardia (blanket flower) and my own garden is in full manic bloom right now. But I also put out some butterfly bait and they seem to be enjoying it!

How cool is this? Just sliced oranges on a wire and in a bird feeder tray.
Give it a try...

I'm going to set out a plate of sliced watermelon now... I've read they love that also! I'll keep ya'll posted!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Bunny!

Good bunnies have been spotted in my garden!

These lovely bunnies like to sit in quiet corners of my garden, silently enjoying the fluttering of butterfly wings, buzzing of the bees and zipping of the hummingbirds visiting the bright flowers of my garden.

They are thoughtful bunnies and would never dare to snack on my newly planted flowers or rose bushes. They would never stoop so low as to taste the fresh new leaves of a recently sprouted vegetable plant. They respect the garden!

These bunnies are patient bunnies. They have been known to move about the garden as their view gets overgrown and the open space around them gets smaller and smaller. They don't mind the opportunity to get to know their new surroundings and they wait patiently for something exciting to happen close by.

These bunnies are well-behaved bunnies. They don't like to give chase to two crazed border collies. They would never tear through the garden, pop through the fence, and watch the mayhem from the other side.
They are calm and mature bunnies.

Perhaps you have good bunnies in your garden too?

Or do you have naughty bunnies?

Austin Art Yard Tour 2012

Saturday April 14th

Austin has it's own inimitable style, and our yards and gardens are no exception.
Check out Austin Art Yard Tour 2012. More than 30 yards will be showcased in and around Austin. As of today, the official website for the tour takes note of yards that have been invited to participate but not yet confirmed, yards you may stop by and chat with the creator, and yards that are drive-by only.
Here's their info:

Some of the installations, it must be said, look like someone just piled up their beer bottles and bowling balls; one features mannequin heads and crutches; one is truly a "cathedral of junk".

Not your typical garden tour.

1511 Suffolk Drive (photo Google Drive-by)

402 El Paso Street art bridge (photo Google Drive-by)

Monday, April 2, 2012

I SPY . . .

I went out on my back deck to sip my coffee this morning, and what should I spy with my little eye? Something that starts with an L.

Or is it WL?

Alright, anyway...  it's another water lily! But this is my first bloom from my Moon Dance water lily. It's the very pretty white flower in the foreground.
In the background you can see a fresh new Colorado bloom.

I just fertilized the plants yesterday, and noticed many buds growing from these two plants. Nothing yet from my third... can't remember the name of that one, and the water is a tad murky with algae bloom right now for me to peek at the label. Will have to let you know on that one.

I've been taking so many pictures of the garden lately, I forgot to charge my battery. I just managed to squeeze this one off before the camera died.
I will try to take more tomorrow, and wait for better light.

But ain't she per-tee?