Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Butterflies Flutter By

What a gorgeous day  for communing with the butterflies! Wow, they are really out in force today. I find it difficult to go inside the house as they are fluttering all around my back garden! It helps that the green belt behind our house is blooming with hundreds of gaillardia (blanket flower) and my own garden is in full manic bloom right now. But I also put out some butterfly bait and they seem to be enjoying it!

How cool is this? Just sliced oranges on a wire and in a bird feeder tray.
Give it a try...

I'm going to set out a plate of sliced watermelon now... I've read they love that also! I'll keep ya'll posted!


  1. Thanks for the idea! I've got some clementines that need to be used -- I'll put some out tomorrow. I've noticed the butterflies are going wild, especially over the mountain laurel.

  2. That's amazing! I've tried putting fruit out for the butterflies but no one seems interested. There's lots of butterflies fluttering by these days, so I'll have to try it again.

  3. How many days are you able to leave the feeder outside ? Do you bring it in at night, as I heard that they attack other non desired orange lovers?