Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Come on out, the weather is fine!

Hello sunshine!
This afternoon a few more of the roses I am fostering opened up some blooms. The red one in particular has a strong, sweet scent. I adore the heritage roses, so much personality in each one.

It's amazing to me what a little rain and sunshine can do. Just four days after we received a few inches of rain, I'm seeing so much new growth in the garden. Salvias and roses that were cut back are sprouting fresh leaves... and look what I spied out in our greenbelt behind our house:  the earth has been so hard and dry for so many months, and these little seeds have been patiently waiting for the ground to soften and push forth new life.

In years past, nature has done a beautiful job of giving us a colorful floral display of Texas wildflowers and natives in this greenbelt from early spring until late fall. Because of the dry conditions, not only did we have no wildflowers this year, but even the native plants looked dead. It was a sad, barren wasteland. 

What a nice surprise to see that there was so much life here all the time! 

Come on out and play kids, the weather is fine!


  1. Your roses look amazingly healthy having gone through such a terrible summer. I have bluebonnets in the zillions and all those other little germinating weeds too. I hope they don't perish like last year.

  2. I can't take credit for those roses in the pics above... they are the roses I am fostering. They are all in pots and have been babied all summer by their real Dad. I just have to keep them going 'til they go home.